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Scott Greer

Our five-year-old’s recent obsession with drawing has inspired me to pursue this hobby alongside him.

As a young adolescent, I wanted to become a cartoonist and worked at honing my craft daily. By high school, however, this passion quickly faded away and has been abandoned ever since. I never thought it would be an easy career path at the time, but it’s a shame that we often lose sight of these artistic interests once we face the pressure of finding a more “realistic” profession. Today I’m a parent of two young children and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing my boys smile about something I’ve created for them (even if it’s just a simple cartoon dinosaur). Whether you’re a parent or not, I want this drawing to serve as a personal reminder that children everywhere have a profound ability to foster creativity, curiosity and inspiration in adults.

I just sold all of my Facebook stock.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 update represents a serious threat to Facebook’s core business. This new feature, which gives people an easier way to opt out of ad tracking, could have a major impact on the efficacy of Facebook’s advertising platform.

In response, Facebook has launched an all-out assault on Apple and started developing new tools for navigating this uncharted territory. However, the challenge will become greater as more people update their devices and businesses can’t reach them anymore.

Unfortunately, this is just one of many concerns. Facebook has also been constantly on the defense in addressing other problematic issues related to its products, including tech addiction, data privacy, misinformation, election interference, monopoly power and antitrust law.

I’m not arguing that Facebook will disappear or lose its grip on the digital ad market, but the company has simply lost my vote of confidence.

A small holiday promotion reveals a major long-term strategy

Image courtesy of author.

Over the holidays, Amazon introduced a limited-time promotion where you could buy their $24.99 Smart Plug for 80% off. The catch? You were only able to redeem this offer through Alexa.

Originally published on SoundCloud (January 15, 2021)

A story of hope and kindness during uncertain times

The weather was perfect in Nashville. Mid 70s. Not a cloud in the sky. My four-year-old and I setup a pretend restaurant inside, but soon after he suggested something much better on a day like this: a lemonade stand.

As an alternative to charging people for lemonade in the middle of a pandemic, my wife had the idea of including an optional donation jar instead. She mentioned a few charities and my son chose the local children’s hospital as the beneficiary of the stand. We weren’t expecting anything more than a couple takers, but the response was beautiful. …

A look inside the heart of his digital reelection strategy.

Image courtesy of author.

Whenever you encounter a feature online intended to deceive or trick the end user, this is known as a dark pattern. It might be a button you can’t avoid, an intentionally hidden feature, a “limited time” discount with no end date. The sky is the limit and unfortunately, these deceptive tactics have been prevalent on the Internet for a long time.

Brad Parscale, the President’s former campaign manager, knows many of them all too well. A master of digital manipulation, he will be the first to admit that he stole the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton with an aggressive…

A lesson on vulnerability, self-compassion, and the inner child

Photo: DAJ/Getty Images

I’m a chronic procrastinator. When faced with a challenging task, I often put it on the back burner in favor of something easier. On the surface it feels like laziness or a lack of self-control, but in reality it’s a lot more than that. Procrastination is driven by feelings of insecurity and doubt associated with the tasks we turn ourselves away from. The longer we delay completing these tasks, the more our anxiety feeds on itself, allowing our internal critics to make their presence known with disapproval and nagging feelings of inadequacy.

Recently, I’ve been doing anything I can to…

The art of excusing toxic behavior and denying the impact

In 2015, Twitter was on the verge of irrelevance. The company recorded its first quarterly dip in monthly active users and Facebook had emerged as the clear winner of social media. The outlook wasn’t pretty.

Then the 2016 election happened.

Surely enough, Twitter began to attract more attention than ever before thanks to the new president of the United States — a notorious celebrity figure who has been using the platform religiously since 2011. Although his tweets are often incendiary, combative and factually inaccurate, the world is fixated on his account. …

Facebook takes all the heat while the photo app brings in billions of ad dollars

Six years ago, Facebook made the acquisition of a lifetime. Then it did something brilliant: nothing.

Facebook left Instagram alone. The app was growing quickly, becoming more relevant each day, eating into rival Snapchat’s audience and threatening Facebook itself — just a few reasons why the tech giant dished out 10 figures for a company with no revenue.

More than anything, Instagram was cool. Teenagers loved it. And Facebook was smart to keep its distance because its eight-year-old platform had started to feel decidedly uncool (especially with younger audiences).

After the acquisition, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger joined…

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Forget the stats. Forget Jordan. Forget the next destination.

The legacy of LeBron James isn’t just about basketball. It’s about his values, leadership and commitment to those around him — both on and off the court.

I grew up watching the world’s most talented basketball player from a distance, but over the past few years I’ve become one of his biggest fans. The only thing more admirable than his phenomenal athletic ability is how much he has evolved as a player and person over time.

James’s situation is beyond unique. He has been scrutinized on a national level since high…

Scott Greer

Owner + Consultant at Greer Interactive. I help businesses develop paid media strategies with a focus on design and empathy.

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